Laser Teeth Whitening

The LaserWhite Treatment is a quick way to brighten up your smile when you’re short on time. The treatment includes a full consultation with one of our experienced Luxe Beauty teeth whitening technicians who will discuss the treatment with you and answer any questions you may have. This is followed by our in-chair LaserWhite treatment using our proprietary whitening gel designed for sensitive teeth, which will whiten your teeth in less than 1 hour. This is best suited for those with minor discolouration or as a top-up treatment.

Our Packages

1 Hour Laser White


1 Hour In Clinic LaserWhite Teeth Whitening Treatment

1.5 Hour Ultimate Whitening


For regular to heavy staining, this is our most popular treatment which will get your teeth looking great! This 90 minute in-clinic LASERwhite treatment is ideal for those with moderate to heavy teeth staining.

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